Important Security Notice. Do not fall for Internet scams. Pinecone Research will never charge you money for participation, or ask you to cash a check, wire any money, be a “mystery shopper” or reveal any passwords, account numbers, personal identification numbers or similar sensitive information. All communications from us will be from the email address Be suspicious of any email that comes from a different address, or asks you to respond by clicking on a link within the email. Know also that email-sender addresses can be faked, so it's possible for an email that seems to have come from to be fraudulent. Always use common sense. If an invitation asks you to do anything related to money—for example, instructs you to send a check or other payment in any amount, or to wire money, or to provide or “confirm” passwords, account numbers, PINs or similar sensitive information, immediately exit that email and contact Pinecone Research directly to verify the invitation.