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Summer 2006

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This is your chance to read Karen's answers to your questions.
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Is it okay to talk about my PineCone product evaluation experiences or products that Iíve received from PineCone in chat rooms?  

No. PineCone product evaluation experiences should always be kept confidential. Questions or comments about test products should be directed to Karen Scott unless stipulated otherwise in the accompanying product letter. 

If the product that Iím evaluating is already out on the market, is it okay to talk about it with others?

Because the research we do on our clients behalf is not limited to just new product ideas but frequently extends to existing products that may already be on the market, we ask that you not share information about your product evaluation experiences with anyone living outside of your home. 

Can test product samples be given to friends or relatives living outside my home to try?

Unfortunately, no. This includes other family members who do not live in your immediate household. The test product sample is intended for use by the panellist. Manufacturers are very anxious to protect any new products from the eyes of their competition. That is why we ask that you evaluate new products within your own household and not share them or discuss them with your friends, neighbors or relatives living outside the home.

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Thanks for your participation in PineCone Research!