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Summer 2006

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Just like the groundhog, St. Swithin can’t really predict the weather. His day falls on July 15, and you can learn about him and the folktale surrounding his death from In a Nutshell. Keep reading to explore the world of nanotechnology. 

Take a break during these easy summer days with a word scramble in Treehouse Games. Then skip on over to Treehouse Trivia to educate yourself on the healing properties of pomegranates and the benefits of olive oil and get a few laughs from humorous headlines. 

Take advantage of the August Bank Holiday (Aug. 7 in Scotland and Aug. 28 in England, Ireland and Wales). Say farewell to summer with a relaxing mini-break or by completing those DIY projects you’ve been wanting to cross off your to-do list.

Here’s one item you can add to that list. We at PineCone Research need you to be a part of the foundation of our security. We hope you enjoy your work with us. You may be tempted to discuss it with others, however, we require that you keep your survey and product testing experiences within your own household. This includes blogging and posting information like our registration link in Internet chat rooms or on message boards. We appreciate your assistance in this matter. Also, when responding to surveys, please limit your feedback to only the product that you are evaluating.

We have begun a panel-wide update of our system.  You will likely see little impact of many of these changes.  However, one of the things that will change is the timing of our incentive payment.   

The timing of completion of your survey will activate the generation of your incentive payment.  

We ask that you check your PineCone Research personal profile to make sure that it contains the correct e-mail address and that any e-mail filters on your computer are set to allow you to receive correspondence from PineCone Research. All survey notifications will be sent to you by way of e-mail.

And if you have a question, problem or a comment of any kind to make – about the research you participate in or our newsletter, you can let us know what you think by e-mailing me at Scott@PineConeResearch.co.uk. Thanks for your interest and CONFIDENTIAL participation in PineCone Research. . . .where we value you, your time, your privacy and your opinions. 

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