Spring 2006



1.      True. The goddess Eostre was associated with spring and fertility.

2.      True.

3.      True. The legend says Eostre turned the bird into a hare and since it was still a bird at heart, it continued to lay eggs in a nest.

4.      False. The dances are to scare away winter spirits.

5.      True. They also provided luck and protected sailors, or so it was believed.

6.      False. In Italy and France the bells are silenced on the Thursday before Easter.

7.      True.

8.      False. Burning the Christmas tree at Easter is a symbolic way of cleaning out winter and ushering in spring.

9.      True.

10. False. Italians roast lamb for Easter dinner and Germans decorate cakes shaped like lambs.

11. False. The cross is covered and fish is the main course.

12. True.

13. True.

14. True.

15. True.

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