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Spring 2006

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Easter Quiz



Test your knowledge of Easter by answering true of false to the following questions.


1.      The word Easter may have been derived from an Anglo-Saxon goddess.

2.      The hare, or rabbit, was a symbol of the goddess.

3.      According to legend, the Easter bunny was originally a bird turned into a hare.

4.      In England, Morris dancers celebrate spring.


5.      Hot cross buns were once thought to have magical powers.

6.      Church bells ring throughout Europe in the days before Easter.

7.      From eating hard-boiled eggs to playing games involving eggs, this pagan symbol of fertility remains an important part of Easter.

8.      German families wait until Easter to burn their Christmas trees to make sure there is wood for fires.

9.      The Scottish tradition of fires on Easter dates back to the pagans.

10.  Lambs are an archaic symbol no longer acknowledged on Easter.

11. Germans celebrate Good Friday by honoring the cross and eating beef roast.

12. The Germans created the first edible Easter bunnies in the 1800s.

13. Wearing new clothes at Easter is a symbol of grace.

14. The date of Easter is calculated using a formula that dates back to the First Council of Nicea.

15. Easter Monday finds Italian friends celebrating together with a glass of wine.

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