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Spring 2006

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This is your chance to read Karen's answers to your questions.
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What does the "User name not on file" error mean?

The "User name not on file" error is typically an indicator of an id not being on the invitation list. Double check that the job selected is the same as the number on your invitation. If you are accessing the correct survey, be sure to type your Household ID and Password because the copy/paste command can add hidden spaces.


If I update my address before I receive my notice that product samples are on the way, will it be delivered to my new address?

Panellists are assigned to a project three to four days before the study goes online on our website. Unfortunately, if your address is not updated prior to the time you are assigned to the study, then the old address will be used.


Why do I keep receiving reminder e-mails for a study I already completed?

Our system updates once daily Monday through Friday. You may receive the reminder because our system has not updated your completion (i.e., study submitted Friday evening, you receive reminder Sunday morning). If you are certain that your study has been submitted properly, you can ignore the reminder.


If I'm unable to complete the survey, can someone else in my household fill it out for me?

Unfortunately, no. Our panellists are pulled for studies according to certain demographic requirements. While there may be opportunities for other members of your household to participate from time to time, you are the only person who should be completing our studies.

If you have any more questions, please e-mail me at

Thanks for your participation in PineCone Research!