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Spring 2006

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I donít really need a reason to buy new clothes and eat chocolate, but Easter Sunday (Apr. 16) provides one. Test your knowledge of Easter traditions (including why we wear new clothes) in Treehouse Games. On Easter Monday (Apr. 17), join an egg rolling game or watch the Harness Horse Parade, if you find yourself in West Sussex. 

May Day (May 1) traditions in the UK can be traced to the early pagans, the Romans and the Middle Ages. Find out more by reading In a Nutshell. Keep going to learn the basics of blogging. Also in May, there are two bank holidays. The May Day bank holiday falls on May 1 this year and the Spring bank holiday arrives May 29. Try to find the time to get away for a mini-break for at least one of them. 

Finally, if you are having back pain, need encouragement to stop smoking or need a way to find new answers, make sure you visit Treehouse Trivia

And if you have a question, problem or a comment of any kind to make Ė about the research you participate in or our newsletter, you can let us know what you think by e-mailing me at Scott@PineConeResearch.co.uk. Thanks for your interest and CONFIDENTIAL participation in PineCone Research. . . .where we value you, your time, your privacy and your opinions. 

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