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Winter 2005

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Trivia Quiz



1)     How long was the shortest war on record?

a)     24 hours

b)     72 hours

c)      38 minutes


2)     Oliver Cromwell died. .  .

a)     Peacefully.

b)     by hanging.

c)      by hanging and beheading.


3)     Switzerland officially became a country in. . .

a)     1301.

b)     1291.

c)      1411.


4)     Which country struggled against The Netherlands for its independence?

a)     Belgium

b)     France

c)      Iceland


5)     When did Spain expel the Jesuits?

a)     1764

b)     1767

c)      1776


6)     What destroyed a significant part of the Irish potato crop in 1845-46?

a)     Insects

b)     Potato blight

c)      War


7)     How many Irish migrated to other countries as a result of the Potato Famine?

a)     5.1 million

b)     1.5 million

c)      3.5 million


8)     What was the Roman name given to France and the surrounding land?

a)     Gaul

b)     Eostre

c)      Celtia


9)     What is the northernmost capital in the world?

a)     Juneau, Alaska

b)     Oslo, Norway

c)      Reykjavik, Iceland


10) How many islands does Finland have?

a)     217,987

b)     198,624

c)      179,584


11) Name Europe’s only active volcano.

a)     Mt. St. Helens

b)     Mt. Vesuvius

c)      Mt. Kahluhaunee


12) What is the ancient name for Paris, France?

a)     Lutetia

b)     Lucrecia

c)      Letitia


13)   Name the lowest country in the world.

a)     The Netherlands

b)     Australia

c)      Chile


14)   Where does the prime minister of Great Britain live?

a)     15  Bellamy Lane

b)     10 Downing Street

c)      11 St. Bartholomew Avenue


15)   Name the mountain range that separates Europe from Asia.

a)     The Appalachian Mountains

b)     The Ural Mountains

c)      The Alps


16)   What was the location of the world’s first public library?

a)     Paris, France

b)     London, England

c)      Warsaw, Poland


17)   Which of these is an old Irish cure for a stomachache.

a)     Swallowing a frog

b)     Chewing gingerroot

c)      Offering cakes to the gods


18)   Why did the medieval chieftains of Ulster try to marry women from Scotland?

a)     They were the most beautiful.

b)     Mercenary soldiers were part of their dowries.

c)      The women themselves were strong warriors.


19)   Carolus Clusius, who first brought tulips to Holland, was from what country?

a)     France

b)     Italy

c)      Spain


20)   What is the ancient name for England used in Arthurian legends?

a)     Welisc

b)     Logria

c)      Saxony

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